Workshop: Art Department, Costumes en Make-Up


On March 28, 2017, Green Film Making organized a workshop in De Melkweg in Amsterdam to show how sustainability is already being applied in the Art Department and how it can still be improved. One thing was already clear beforehand: in the Art Department, in all its facets, they know how to make a lot from a little. From preparatory talks with different professionals, it showed there is a great passion for the job, and there is a deep wish to make more use of the Art Department than is often the case. This can be achieved by linking processes better and sharing knowledge and experience at an early stage in the production process.

Eight different speakers with different specializations addressed the audience about their approach as well as their ideas for the future. Production designer Dirk Debou demonstrated live through drawings how he can work on a larger scale by thinking outside the box. Production Designer Kurt Loyens shared his experience in using digital tools and how this saves a lot on materials. Sustainability Manager Els Rientjes talked about the conversations she had with make-up artists and a visit to Rob’s Propshop. Costume designer Linda Bogers spoke with passion about her approach from pre-production and showed that a sustainable approach is not new. Set designer Leo Zandvliet spoke entertainingly about the hurdles that he encounters in each production and how he solves it during the production process. Production Designer Florian Legters gave a speech about his ambition and plans for a studio complex in Zaandam. Architect and sustainable visionaire Jan Jongert of Superuse Studios drew a comparison between the film and construction world and showed examples that could be applied in the film industry. And finally Laura Rosen Jacobson presented her initiative ‘Buurman’ (Neighbour) in Rotterdam and explained the possibilities for the Art Department. Els of Green Film Making was the moderator for the evening.

An event packed with information, lots of ideas and a lot of questions. These points were particularly well received:

– Sustainability is nothing new, it’s a mindset.
– The use of existing materials often increases your creativity and, at the same time, ensures more room in your budget which allows you to think bigger.
– Nature can be a great source of inspiration.
– You can save a lot by first making a digital design and testing camera angles before building actual decors.
Consult as soon as possible with all departments, especially post-production, to work more efficiently, cheaper and more sustainable.
– For set designers specifically, it is very important to be involved in site visits.
– There is clearly a need for a platform to share and reuse items.
Exchange experiences.
– Many people are open to sharing materials and resources, get in touch!
– Rob’s Prop Shop is willing to buy sustainable products in bulk if there is enough demand for it.
– There is a need for a kind of guild system so that knowledge, techniques and crafts are not lost.
– If there is a need for a harvest map for materials for decors, Superuse Studios is willing to develop it together with Green Film Making.
– Material trader Buurman is open to cooperation with productions to dismantle decors for reuse of materials. They are also open to branches in other cities besides Rotterdam.

For an overview of all possibilities and useful contacts in the Art Department, look around in the special section of our Tool Kit.