Taking the film industry into the future

Green Film Making challenges film professionals to work more sustainable. Since 2015, Sustainability Manager Els Rientjes has been facilitated by the Netherlands Film Fund and aims to inspire filmmakers to take the Dutch film industry into the future.

With this website we offer a platform for sustainable production through an extensive toolkit, innovative ideas and inspiring news from home and abroad. Welcome!

GFM has developed a special Harvest Map for Film & TV, with an overview of all the sustainable options for clean energy on set near you. You can find for example public power points that can be accessed by film crews and different green vendors that offer mobile sustainable energy sources. www.filmoogstkaart.nl

If you have any comments or you would like to add information, contact us.

Join Green Film Making by taking steps to make your set more sustainable! Our Toolkit contains numerous tips and tricks for each department to help you on your way. In 2023 you can also take part in one of our inspirational workshops.

We are also always interested in new collaborations with sustainable entrepreneurs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your small or big ideas!

The latest inspiration session on sustainable film production in Amsterdam was very well attended! Read the report on a day focussed on the benefits of collaboration and virtual production here