What is Green Film Making?

Green film making simply means leaving as little environmental impact on the planet as possible while producing your film. Like any other industry, there’s room for improvement in ours, for example in terms of transport, catering, energy, make-up and set design. It’s a myth that sustainability comes with a price tag, often the opposite is true. Higher sustainable standards lead to: significant cost reduction in many different areas, increased efficiency and time-saving as well as recognition from peers. On top of that it often leads to new opportunities and creative innovations. Keen to start? -> Go to our toolkit

Sustainability Manager – Els Rientjes

Since 2015 Els Rientjes is working as Sustainability Manager for the Dutch film industry through her Foundation ‘Green Film Making’, commissioned by the Dutch Film Fund. With her vast experience in the Dutch TV and Film Industry as Creative Producer at IDTV, at Niehe / Stokvis and Fu Works she now encourages filmmakers and producers to apply sustainability and efficiency in their production process. She does this by sharing relevant knowledge on sustainable innovations from different sectors with the industry through research and workshops, through collaborations with sustainable suppliers as well as pilot projects to test innovative applications on set.


Under her guidance, Green Film Making is strongly rooted in the concept of the circular economy, in which nothing goes to waste. Green Film Making collaborates with a wide range of groundbreaking institutions and individuals, such as: Metabolic, SuperUse Studios, Locatiewerk, Municipality of Amsterdam, Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, GreenBattery, Diks Car Rental, Join the Pipe, Netherlands Film Academy and many more. In 2023/2024 Els will focus on organizing different inspiration sessions, each with a different topic.


You can also hire Els as a consultant for a day and together create a sustainable design for your next production. The small cost for her fee will definitely be covered by the money you save on the sustainable solutions she offers. So no need to spent your budget for production on extra unforeseen consultancy costs, it’s a win-win situation!

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