As of January 1, 2015, Els Rientjes, commissioned by the Dutch Film Fund, is working as Sustainability Manager in the Dutch film industry through her Foundation ‘Green Film Making’. In this position, she will carry the baton forward from the Green Film Making Project. Each film project that receives a realization fund will have the opportunity to benefit of the expertise of the Sustainability Manager.

One of the goals of the Sustainability Manager is to share relevant knowledge on sustainable innovation of the (international) film industry, and other industries, with filmmakers. Additionally Rientjes will focus on making arrangements with facilitating companies and suppliers, in order to enable several film projects to use sustainable alternatives for lighting, processing waste, transport and catering. This way she will be able to facilitate and encourage film makers to apply sustainability ánd efficiency in their production process.

You can hire Els as a consultant for a day and together create a sustainable design for your next production. The small cost for her fee will definitely be paid back by the money you save on the sustainable solutions she offers. So no need to spent your budget for production on extra unforeseen consultancy costs, it’s a win-win situation!

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About Sustainability Manager Els Rientjes

Els Rientjes worked in the Dutch TV and Film Industry as Creative Producer at IDTV, at Niehe / Stokvis as Manager TV Productions and in the last couple of years as Creative Producer / Producer at Fu Works. About this new challenge Rientjes says: I want to use my passion and knowledge of Film and Television, in order to make the sustainable innovation more accessible to film producers.”

Rientjes will use the coming years to increase the interest for sustainable production, by involving the world of television. Her years of applicable experience as both a producer of films and television programs, will help her to guide the Dutch film industry into the future.