Board Members Green Film Making

photo: Bob Bronshoff

Bart Römer – Chairman

director Dutch Film and Television Academy

As director of the Dutch Film Academy I am acutely aware of the fact that at the moment the film industry is definitely not a sustainable industry. There is still a lot of ground to cover. Especially at the Film Academy itself and with our students, the film professionals of the future. With the future at stake, it is of utmost importance that awareness is raised today that will lead to a film industry that operates sustainably. It is possible. The tools and possibilities are already more or less available through the fast paced technological developments. That’s why I wholeheartedly support an organization such as Green Film Making, that is principally focussed on developing initiatives that will lead to making the film industry more sustainable. And moreover: I even become Chairman of the Board. I do this with the profound believe that telling stories through the art of film is an added value to our society and that I want to do my part to make sure that that will stay possible in the future.


Eveline Raymans – Secretary

Owner ‘Big Eve – Hands on Advice for change management’ and former director Tony’s Chocolonel

I have had the great honor of having been involved in the first 6 years of Tony’s Chocolonely as director. In this position I became more than ever convinced that business plays a huge part in making the world more sustainable. Whether it’s in connection to child labor or child slavery or ecological sustainability of the planet. And I am not even speaking about just the big shots, but especially all the freelancers, small production houses and suppliers.

Green Film Making can play a beautiful part in sharing knowledge about sustainability and offer a helping hand to all who are eager to try but don’t know how.


Els Rientjes – Treasurer

Sustainability Manager Dutch Film Fund

Els is the face of Green Film Making and carries out the daily management. She can also be hired as a consultant on specific projects to produce films or programs sustainably. Els worked in the Dutch TV and Film Industry as Creative Producer at IDTV, at Niehe / Stokvis as Manager TV Productions and in the last couple of years as Creative Producer / Producer at Fu Works. About this new challenge Rientjes says: I want to use my passion and knowledge of Film and Television, in order to make the sustainable innovation more accessible to film producers.”


photo: Anne Claire de Breij

Mette te Velde

Founder Strawberry Earth

Mette te Velde got inspired by the green movement in New York, where she lived. She wanted to bring it’s optimism, creativity and smart sustainable solutions to The Netherlands. In 2008 this resulted in Strawberry Earth – Always Green. Never Grumpy.

Strawberry Earth inspires young creatives to make sustainable choices.  With events such as Strawberry Earth Fair it shows that living sustainably does not mean you have to abstain, but that enjoyment and aesthetic can go hand in hand with sustainability.

With projects such as Green Film Making Project and the Strawberry Earth Academy Strawberry Earth helps professionals from the creative industries to also make sustainable steps at work. Besides this Strawberry Earth is a creative agency for sustainable brands and initiatives. The agency develops campaigns, takes care of communication and PR and organizes events on commission.

Fresh, optimistic and with a wink.