Ambassador: Thekla Reuten

Photos: Joachim Baldauf

The Green Film Making Project is proud to have Internationally renowned actress Thekla Reuten as the Green Film Making ambassador. “The question whether I wanted to be the Green Film Making ambassador, was in a way the answer to personal questions I had: How can I do things differently in life and contribute to a bigger change? How can I change my actions to have a more positive impact on future generations?”


Thekla Reuten Immediately after completing her studies, Thekla Reuten was assuming leading roles in major national and international film and theater productions. With her extraordinary acting talent, the actress navigates with great ease between the cultural distinctions of different productions. She speaks five languages (German, English, French, Dutch and Italian) and is currently one of the most well known actresses in Europe. Since the beginning of her career, the actress has demonstrated a special, authentic way of acting and an intuitive ability to transform. Her characters in film and theater are multi-faceted expressions of human motives. Her sublime and intelligent acting testifies to an above average intuition for the essence of the figures. With a deep understanding for the idiosyncrasies of the characters, Thekla Reuten creates her own approach to work out the contradiction, humanity and ambiguity of the figures genuinely, and to lend them authenticity and a closeness to real life. Her outstanding performances have made her an internationally sought after actress for film and television. Thus, she appears in many major and ambitious television productions such as ‘Bella Bettien’ (AVRO, Netherlands), ‘Hidden’ (BBC, Great Britain), ‘Restless’ (BBC, Great Britain), and ‘Sleeper Cell’ (Showtime, USA). In film, she has captivated both audiences and the press in successes such as ‘In Bruges’, ‘De Trip van Teetje’, ‘Hotel Lux’, ‘Rosenstrasse’ or ‘The American’, as well as the Oscar nominated films Everybody’s Famous! and ‘Twin Sisters’. Thekla Reuten actively supports the organization ‘Terre des Hommes’ and is the ambassador of The Green Film Making Project. Coming fall she can be seen in cinemas in the dutch film ‘The Dinner’, premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, and the german movie ‘Da Geht Noch Was’.