Bas Andries (left) and Bart van Tunen, demonstrating a new energy efficient led lamp for use on film sets. Bas Andries works as a director of photography. On the set he leads the lighting and camera departments, but he also collaborates with the director and the production designer during the shoots. Determining the best light is one of the main issues in his work. Currently he is working on a film in post-production. Last summer he worked on an LA film called ‘Cats dancing on Jupiter’.

We asked him about his take on green film making. From the interview we’ve composed a top 5 list of his green film making solutions:

1. Use an efficient energy source. Rather than using a generator, opt for sustainable led lamps if possible. Bas Andries is currently working on bringing a special type of sustainable led lamp from the US to the Netherlands. To give you an example: this lamp uses 130W and almost produces the same amount of light a regular filmlamp uses, which in turn consumes 1000W (1kW). Keep on the lookout!

2. On remote locations, try to use efficient and green energy sources, like solar power.

3. Why not re-use vintage cameras? We’re so accustomed to using the latest gadgets, that we barely make use of older technology.

4. Don’t throw out old decor/set pieces or props. Re-use them (store them somewhere and save costs by using shared spaces) or rent them.

5. Be innovative, green solutions doesn’t have to mean higher budget! Get creative, get everyone on the set involved, plan ahead and work efficiently with your team.