Props for this amazing idea of a pop-up cinema event called ‘Folly for a Flyover.’ The cinema is built from the ground up with local, reclaimed and donated materials. It’s hidden beneath a traffic intersection. Just last year, non-profit collective Assemble transformed a petrol station into a hand-built cinema.
With Folly, their next braindchild, they have screenings lined up ranging from classic films to experimental features, some of them accompanied by live scores, light shows and performances. Watch the building process here.

Like a giant construction-kit, the folly will be built over the period of a month by a team of volunteers. Having served one purpose it will be disassembled at the end of the summer, and the compents will find new uses across the local area.

It’s a great inspiration for filmmakers, showing that it’s possible to create a sustainable venue, or rather, something out of nothing!