Our seminar for the Strawberry Earth Green Film making Competition was a huge succes! A special thanks goes out to The Hub, our partner who welcomed us into their innovative place for collaboration.

The day was filled with inspiring speakers, a crowd hungry for
knowledge of green filmmaking, and engaging coversations during our lunchdate, provided with the best nutritious food by Foodlem! If you weren’t there, here’s is what you’ve missed out. Starting with our wonderful host Allard Faas interviewing our guests, Ynzo van Zanten then kicked off by questioning the very nature of the way we do things in business. ‘We need to rethink, redesign, re-act!’ He said.

Thekla Reuten, our ambassador of the competition, shared her excitement for the sustainable possibilities in the industry, but also her concern on filmmakers having difficulties to find the time worrying about green issues next to their busy production schedule. A reacurring theme for this seminar seemed to be ‘time and money are key.’

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What we’ve also learned here is that for a film to be really
sustainable, it’s not only important to gain insights (by yourself or hired sustainability advisors), but also to get your crew on board. Even more so, the sustainable options need to be just as effective as their more power-consuming alternatives.

Tabitha Jenkins (Ealing studios) shared some news on the English green filmmaking scene and how people are keen to ‘make it happen’, however ‘there’s so many people and processes involved in the film industry, it will be a gradual change.’

Finally, Chai Locher introduced his 7-step program to implement ideas into concrete actions, which will hopefully inspire filmmakers and kickstart their production. We also got some great tips on how to build sustainable filmsets, how to get crew members from A to B, and lots more.

We’ll be sharing video’s, more tips and info here soon!
Stay up to date here for anything green filmmaking related and join the competition!