The judges are still fiercely deliberating ;-)..Meanwhile, we’d like share with you some more international news on filmmaking!

More young and international filmmakers are now adopting the use of high-end and advanced DLSR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera’s to film complete motion pictures. Besides being more affordable and accessable to local talented filmmakers, they are also more energy efficient and easier to transport. Renowned Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja shares her views on the growing demand for these DLSR’s here. A quote from the section: ‘Usually when we film we need two or more trucks to carry all the lights, generators for lights, fuel for generators and trucks, heavy tripods and other necessary equipment for a small production. However, with advanced DSLRs, two people can carry all the equipment which is usually the camera, lenses, chargers, filters, laptop, tripod, and microphone. Even the quality of picture shots are truly top rate, and from a filmmaker’s point of view this opens new possibilities, especially for youngsters as they now have easy access to such high-performance cameras.’

A great idea for the budget-oriented filmmaker for shooting on location!

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