There is an element that we can hardly imagine any big production Hollywood movie-set without, and that is, ofcourse..drumroll.. the trailer! What would directors, producers and actors do without it? Unfortunately, next to being the only thing faintly reminiscent of home, offering that little bit of privacy people in the entertainment industry so

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often desperately seek..these things..ahem ‘mobile homes’ can be pretty damn wasteful too!

Well, good thing is they don’t have to be anymore, because we give you the greener, updated version: meet the Helios, a Solar Hybrid Vehicle, the world’s first Eco trailer prototype (soon to be introduced to the market after extensive testing). It is made by King Kong Production Vehicles Inc and has pretty much everything a green celebrity could wish for, from a bamboo cabinetry to a solar generator. Read all the specifications here!

(Photography by Jacques Olivar)