Round 1 is over, the deadline for entries to The Green Film Making Competition has passed and the results were fantastic! We received nearly 60 entries!

Now time for Round 2: The Green Film Making Competition workshops due to take place on October 12, 13 and 14.

Unfortunately, there is only place for 40 people at our workshops so the judging is already tougher than we expected… All successful entrants who take part in the workshops will be given the information they need to learn about sustainable film making. After that, up to 6 finalists will be selected and each will receive funds from the Nederlandse Film Fonds to make their short films a reality, that’s Round 3!

We will be in touch with all Round 1 applicants very soon with news of who has made it through to the Green Film Making Workshops. For now, we’d like to recommend all entrants to keep those October workshop dates reserved!