Day #2
It started with a mini excursion to ID&T and presentation by Carlijn Lindemulder, who showed us the many similarities between festival events and film and the efforts in trying to creating both as sustainably as possible. Teun van der Laan (Club van 30) gave us a little wake-up call concerning the urgency of changing the way we think and the way we impact the planet. Then followed three rounds of mini workshops on Green Film Making in different hotel rooms, and our big group of filmmakers split up into small groups: Light (Daan de Boer), Energy (Bredenoord), Catering & Water (Lotte Wouters ZININ Catering), Art Department & Recycling (, Transport (Nissan, Tom van de Beek & New Motion), Sustainable finance (ASN Bank), How to Green Your Office (Ynzo van Zanten). Thanks to the Lloyd Hotel for welcoming us into their beautiful domain!

For the workshop materials, check out this page.


Photography by Reuben Hamburger