Most filmproducers choose this very proffession to avoid the rut of working in a cubicle, but let’s face it: some of the very best innovations come from an office environment.

Here’s some tips to green your ‘office’:

  • Choose your method of transportation carefully. Assess how much distance there is between specific places to shoot. Is it necesarry to shoot on so many different locations and if so, how can you reduce your energy?
  • Pick the best times in a day to limit the amount of energy you use for lighting. Shooting during a bright sunny day is often the way to go.
  • If you’re using a portable energy source, try to commit to a green energy supplier. Green Choice provides great energy solutions.
  • Do it paperless: send your invoices digital and use tablets or ereaders (even less energy use) for your scripts.
  • Pick a caterer that works with local, in season and organic food. Reduce food consumption (for catering tips, see earlier posts).
  • Host your website at a sustainable hosting provider, like Greenhost! They focus on reducing waste and efficient use of IT.
  • Build your sustainable filmset with FSC (forest steward councelship, a.k.a. sourced from sustained forests) wood. Better yet, recycle as much as you can. Get all your DIY building supplies at: Ecologisch.
  • Replace your lighting wih LED bulbs.
  • Someone else did it before you, and probably did it better too.Huge companies have collected their insights on: energiechannel.