We all know that the film industry is not the only business that is polluting. A rather close relative in the entertainment industry is theatre, which is also known for being quite polluting. The BGA, short for Broadway Green Alliance, has made it it’s mission to change that. The BGA is dedicated to the education, motivation and inspiration of the entire theatre community and its patrons to implement environmentally friendlier practice

‘Although Broadway accounts for a small fraction of the carbon footprint in the New York City metropolitan area, its influence extends far beyond mid-town Manhattan’, are the words of co-chairment Billy Deull from the BGA.

Among the first to make the change was the New York company of Wicked, which has pioneered many greener practices, like switching to re-usable batteries for their microphones and saving lot’s of money annually in doing so. Read the sections on the enviromental practices of the production here in the newssection.