What about all of those disposable coffee cups used on a long day’s shoot?Luckily, our friends in Australia have a solution for the diversion of this coffee related waste. Green your set with the most fabulous and renewable JOCO tea/coffee cup! JOCO cups, have a splash safe and spill free custom one-way lid design, meaning you won’t have to worry about spilling coffee on expensive film set materials when you need a shot of caffeine on the job!

The JOCO lasts longer than most reusable coffee mugs, look ridiculously stylish, and is made of glass- so you can taste your coffee and not your cup! Barista certified sizing means crew can keep and use the cups long after a shoot is over!

Check out the online shop. Pick. Add. Order. Be the coolest coffee drinking green-set around. Hurray!

And of course, don’t forget… at The Green Film Making Project, we are huge lovers and supporters of using the reusable Dopper waterbottle on-set to avoid waste as well. The Dopper is stylish, Dutch by design, easy to clean, and BPA free !