Our friends, sustainably minded product developers Waarmakers have teamed up with Dutch Inholland Composietenlab in Delft to create their latest design. The lab brought together 65 students, 11 teachers, 10 companies and 20 professionals, to make this innovative masterpiece! Say hello to Be.e, the most sustainable scooter in the entire world!

Driving electric isn’t new of course, but Be.e takes it to the next level. Drivers of the Be.e sit on a beautiful bio-composite frame. Bio-what? A mix of Dutch flax and natural resins. 100% natural, extremely strong and lightweight. It’s the first vehicle on the market that’s made out of these exciting and high quality sustainable materials. In other words: a revolution in vehicle land!

Imagine if all cars in The Netherlands would be made with a bio-composite construction, it would mean a reduction of 1.08 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Wow!

The scooter will be on the market soon so you can test it out yourself. And we think it would be a great tool to transport goods and actors across sets – effeciently!