The TostiFabriek aims to make ham and cheese sandwiches with ingredients 100% from Amsterdam. With an urban cornfield, two pigs, and three cows, the TostiFabriek team will cultivate grain and livestock from the beginning to end of the food process, to explore the complexity and energy preceding this simple dish. Even the production of the bread and the cheese itself will take place on the premises. Wow! Celebrate the official opening of TostiFabriek Sat. June 15th at 15:30, check their website and RSVP !!!

There will be opening festivities at the TostiFabriek’s Oostenburg location all day, including a tour and a barbecue. Be sure to say hi to pigs Max and Wim, as well as Els, Tineke, and Kalf the cows!

The TostiFabriek is a part of the temporary Freezing Favela project of the Mediamatic Lab in Amsterdam, and is an experiment into the possibilities of a self-built city: exploring new ways of building, growing, creating and generating energy.

Thanks to patrons, farmers, neighbors and volunteers, the Tostifabriek -or the “Sandwich Factory” in english- is running at full speed. The wheat’s sprouting and the pigs are rummaging around happily. The first tostis will be harvested in September. Until that time the Tostifabriek is taking care of the animals, showing people around, and making cheese. To keep updated, like their facebook page!

At the home of TostiFabriek in the Freezing Favela, a group of designers, cooks and other makers are sharing our huge, leaking, unheated space in the Van Gendthallen, Amsterdam. Here in addition to sandwiches, you can make bricks from old newspapers, furniture from cardboard, and cook with ingredients from the aquaponics farm. Favela-citizens give workshops and organize events and meals. They work autonomously together. There’s a vodka distillery,

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and you can take yoga as well as cooking classes, or enjoy a glass of fresh milk from De Tostifabriek outside. Adventurous campers can spend the night in the Hot Love Nest, a one-bed-hotel on top of a compost pile.

Very cool!

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