Calling all future and student filmmakers! For our upcoming 3rd edition of our ‘Green Film Making Competition’, we have chosen to work with students! With this 2014 edition, we are challenging young filmmakers across Europe to produce their films as sustainably as possible, while coming up with new and innovative sustainable solutions for onset: lighting, art departments, transportation, energy consumption, craft services, and over all production process. Why? Because fossil fuel intensive processes no longer make sense. They are bad for business, and the environment. The winning teams will: become industry pioneers, present their project, findings, and solutions during the Netherlands Film Festival 2014 (Utrecht, The Netherlands), and will also receive a monetary prize. Find out more:

History of the Green Film Making Competition

The Green Film Making Competition is an initiative that challenges film makers to rethink their production processes. So far there have been two editions of the competition: both with Dutch professional film makers. For our upcoming third edition in 2014, we are proud to announce that we have chosen to work with students!

What’s in it for you?

We believe that student innovation is an integral part of this important industry shift, and we believe that you can become a prominent part of the sustainable film movement. In addition to becoming a pioneer within the Green Film Making Movement, you will be an ahead-of-the curve innovator in your own field with opened doors and opportunities because of it.

The Green Film Making Project encourages you to do some research, by way of immersing in, and getting acquainted with the current industry practices and professionals. You could interview working film professionals from each department (director of photography, producers, first ad’s or art directors) who are already working sustainably, or you could dive into other industries to derive new findings for you and your team.

But what good is a competition without a prize?

The student teams that come up with the most effective and innovative sustainable solution(s) for: lighting, art departments, technical departments, energy consumption, and overall production process will also be awarded a monetary prize.

1st prize € 2.500
2nd prize € 1.500
3rd prize € 1.000

The winning teams will also present their project, findings, and solutions during the Netherlands Film Festival 2014 (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

How can you participate?

The competition begins in February 2014 and will run until June 2014. Be in touch with us no later than Friday February 28, 2014 if you would like to participate!

To enter, you must:

– generate a team of at least three current students
– send to us your film’s production master plan of two pages (max); in which you describe how you are going to research green film making as well as how you will influence the film’s production to make it sustainable
– send to us a short preview of what you will be presenting to the competition jury in June.
-get in touch with us via: by February 28, 2014; we will follow-up by sending to you the competition guidelines and rules

Let the games begin, and good luck!