A big CONGRATULATIONS to our partners at the Netherlands Film Fund who have won the 2014 ‘International Shorts Award’ in Los Angeles! We are very proud to have the Netherlands Film Fund as partners in the Green Film Making Project, and we will together (with the producers of the 2014 Nederlands Film Festival‘s short film program ‘KORT!’) work actively to promote sustainable innovation in film production processes, for the third year in a row.
[photo: natgeofound.tumblr.com]

Every year the US based ‘Shorts Awards’ recognizes one international nation’s role in promoting short film making within its borders and through its film institutions, and this year the prize was collected by acclaimed Dutch actor Rutger Hauer on behalf of the Netherlands Film Fund.The Film Fund received the Award for: its expertise and long term financial support of the short-film industry within the Netherlands, as well as for the strong support it offers to Dutch film festivals.

Netherlands Film Fund CEO, Doreen Boonekamp has commented: “This award puts the Netherlands as a film country on the map. It is a recognition of the rich talent of Dutch film makers and producers that we have, and of the quality of our film schools and training organisations[…]For the Dutch film industry this year also marks the launch of a €20 million cash rebate and the Netherlands Film Commission to further promote the production industry and opportunities in our country.”

The award was also given to EYE International for creating significant opportunities for Dutch short movies at international festivals and for its international promotion of the Dutch short film industry. Cable operator UPC-Netherlands were also among the Dutch initiatives recognized, for its dedicated short film TV channel.

The Shorts Awards were presented at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on March 1st – the eve of the Oscar Awards Ceremony- to celebrate achievements solely within the realm of short film production.

Congratulations to all the Dutch recipients, and especially to our partners at The Netherlands Film Fund – we are so proud to be working with you!

Read the related and official Netherlands Film Fund press release here.