Check out a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of sustainable filmmaking, written by NYC based on-set Eco Manager Extraordinaire, Emellie O’Brien, it is entitled: Going Green by Saving Green. The report was sponsored by powerhouse PGA Green, and its message is made crystal clear, “sustainable filmmaking is not only effective, but cost efficient[…] the results have shown a consistent net savings of thousands of dollars even after subtracting the cost of labor.” Saving $$green$$ for your production, by going green is no longer a myth! More on the report (real numbers, real proof!) and all of its valuable details here.

Here’s a list of our favourite notes from the comprehensive report:

  • “The myth that it costs more to “go green” on set is currently plaguing the production of film and television […] When resistance by decision-makers occurs, however, it is often due to complaints over cost. This document will show how pro-environmental measures can translate into budgetary savings for productions. With adequate preparation […]oversee[ing] initiatives and track[ing] progress, sustainable filmmaking is not only effective, but cost efficient.”
  • “batteries alone can save you almost 60% of the line budget”
  • “Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saved 5% of its total waste hauling expenses, or $4,732 through its recycling and composting efforts. Additionally, 49.7 tons worth of construction and set decoration materials were sold to other shows or donated to non-profits at wrap. With one ton dumpsters costing an average of $950 each, that’s a whopping savings of $47,215!”
  • “Had the film used blended biodiesel fuel for all of its diesel needs, the movie could have saved $33,000 over the course of the production.”
  • “In terms of sourcing construction supplies, vendors like LeNoble Lumber provide FSC certified wood at comparable rates to standard lumber prices. Affordability is achievable when it comes to both building and striking sets sustainably.”
  • “Props set-dressing wardrobe – Rather than paying to haul these items away in a dumpster, they can be given a second life and earn a tax-deductible donation to qualifying non-profits.”
  • “Many decision-makers are discouraged by the idea of hiring additional labor to manage sustainability. However, by implementing the practices in this report, the results have shown a consistent net savings of thousands of dollars even after subtracting the cost of labor. The Eco department always pays for itself. Converting to sustainable practices demands real systemic and cultural change[…] As an industry of forward thinkers, we certainly have the capacity to continue producing engaging entertainment without sacrificing our planet or the bottom line.”

You can learn more about the related case studies behind the statements above, and read the full detailed report here.

Thank you to Emellie O’Brien, as well as the Producers Guild of America Green for creating and sharing such an invaluable green filmmaking tool!

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