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Recap: London’s Sustainable TV & Film Production Eco-Expo

Recap: London’s Sustainable TV & Film Production Eco-Expo

On April 10th, we joined other UK and US sustainably forward filmmaking professionals in London, for the Sustainable TV & Film Production Eco-Expo. Green Film Making Project project leader Chai Locher, and project coordinator Wiendelt Hooijer, spoke about green filmmaking developments in the Netherlands. The Expo made clear that sustainable filmmaking has begun to take shape as an industry of it’s own: professionals are working on sustaining sets, set material recycling and supply chains are running more sustainably, and there’s greener product placements available. Read more. [photo: Green Product Placement]

Green filmmaking is no longer simply the ‘idea’ that it was three years ago: it has taken shape as an industry, and it is asserting itself. Still, the people are greener than the business is overall, and they are eager to welcome even greater shifts into sustainable practise.

This expo was a networking and information sharing event aimed at connecting those within entertainment media (filmmakers, producers, practitioners, production people, students of film and media, and related organizations) who are looking to push sustainability forward within the industry.

The event was an initiative of Green

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Product Placement, and was modeled after Film Biz Recycling‘s successful Annual Production Eco-Expo

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in NYC.

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