The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is being hailed as “the most eco friendly blockbuster in the history of Sony Pictures”, and Sony is very proud of this green bean! Sustainability efforts on the film resulted in cost savings of an estimated $400,000, proving that sustainability does not have to be expensive, and greening your set IS possible, no matter the size of your production. Read more on how they did it here. [photo: Earth Angel]

On-set Eco-Manger Emellie O’Brien, who had the support of studio executives, producers, and cast & crew, implemented sustainability initiatives throughout every department of production.

The Hollywood Reporter states that, the production: “secured 49.7 tons of materials for donation or for reuse on future productions, saved 193,000 disposable plastic water bottles and achieved a 52 percent diversion rate from landfills. The production not only reduced their waste, but also gave back to the community by donating 5,862 meals to local shelters”.

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