UK based, ‘The Knowledge Online’ has recently published a beautiful and informative 16 page e-guide focused on the theme of ‘Sustainability in Film & TV Production’. The guide includes detailed sections on green production tips, in-depth interviews with green filmmaking professionals, working green solutions to on-set challenges, and also provides insight into the greening of film industries beyond Europe (GFMP is mentioned on pg 15!).

Some of the forward-thinking & green film professionals featured in this issue are: Aaron Mathews (BAFTA‘s Industry Sustainability Manager), Emellie O’Brien (Hollywood’s on-set sustainability manager, of Earth Angel), Lynn McFarlane (Director of set recycling company Dresd), Marc Todd (of hazardous waste disposable company Hazgreen), and Jim Mann (of lighting company Lightwell). The guide also features the recent production successes in using BAFTA’s Albert carbon calculator, and showcases the first films awarded with the Albert+ certification. You can see the e-guide here.

About ‘The Knowledge’

The first edition of ‘The Knowledge’ was published in 1986 by three experienced production managers who pooled their film industry expertise & contacts, in order to create a useful information database for film production professionals. ‘The Knowledge’ is now the UK’s premiere film/tv/commercial production directory. Since it’s inception, ‘The Knowledge’ has expanded to include an online platform, alongside the creation of publications which seek to promote relevant information exchange across the film industry.