In places without grid power, Wattsun offers a new solution: pop up power. Wattsun is revolutionary for off-grid energy needs. It is a portable, plug and play power supply that can be increased in capacity by stacking units. This makes Wattsun suitable for numerous applications, from charging camera batteries to supplying power for set lighting. To have continuous portable power available on any filming location will become a piece of cake!

The base module is the Dock which comes with a 230 Volt socket. The modules can be stacked and de-stacked easily through which you can adjust the desired capacity yourself. Wattsun consists of a Dock and a Pack. Together this makes a Stack. The maximum power is 2000 Watts continuous. The Dock is the base module and has a capacity of 1 kWh. The ‘Packs’ each have a capacity of 1,5kWh.

The Dock consists of a battery and an inverter to convert the stored energy to 230 Volt. A handy display shows all important information at a glance. A Pack consists of a battery, a smart operating system, and five LEDs that indicate the current battery status. By stacking a Pack on the Dock it is automatically linked to the Dock. The capacity can be expanded in this way according to need. An empty Pack? Just exchange it. This way you stay supplied with power continuously. You get the security of grid power, but where and whenever you want. You are independent, don’t need cables and it can be used directly. The constant voltage makes Wattsun also suitable for sensitive equipment such as laptops.

The modules can be charged with solar panels or (green) AC power, separately or stacked. Wattsun is clean, quiet and makes it possible to use green energy everywhere. With a single push of a button you start the Wattsun and you can plug in.

The first limited edition of the product will be available in mid-2017.