Concept & Productie : Alhambra     Art-Direction : Peggy de Bruin     Post-Productie : Jan Pieter Kaptein

Since it’s creation Green Film Making likes to share knowledge about producing sustainably. We try as best as we can to identify and showcase the alternatives that are already possible on set.  This was the message with which Els Rientjes attended the NFF Talentdag. A day for young and new filmmakers at the Dutch Film Festival. She showed the video above about transport [by Kasper Hoex, Alhambra Amsterdam], in which Green Film Making lists 8 tips that can make a big difference during production in terms of sustainability and cost reduction.

Sharing knowledge becomes easier when the dialogue happens as directly as possible. All tips and information is welcome. Do you have something to share? Did you have an approach on set that could be useful for others? Let us know! Send an email to with pictures, videos and more. We will publish and promote your examples through our platform. Many thanks and see you soon!

This is how Green Film Making shared material and tips in the past, with Zena Harris of Green Spark Group in Vancouver (Motion picture industry sustainable production consulting, news, and video production) resulting in this video: