In 2017 Green Filmmaking is launching a call to action to use only tap water on set, in collaboration with Join the Pipe and the Municipality of Amsterdam. Film and TV-productions will be supported to test this sustainable and cost-reducing innovation in catering. Get on board!

Do you recognize this situation on the ‘set’ of ‘Game of Thrones’? Good news! Green Film Making and the Municipality of Amsterdam have found each other in a common wish to definitively get rid of plastic water bottles. In the future the city of Amsterdam will implement strict rules for events and filmmakers in town, and this way wants to ensure a circular economy and a sustainable future for the people of Amsterdam.

This is why Green Film Making has taken the lead, with the help of Join the Pipe, to also stop using plastic water bottles on film and TV sets. The idea is to only use tap water on the set through water taps and reusable bottles. Many festivals, such as theatre festival Parade, have already paved the way and we can do the same with the help of all crew members and a passionate caterer. To help get everyone started, Join the Pipe is prepared to sponsor reusable bottles to cinema and TV series in the coming months.

What can you do as a producer / executive producer? Sign up through Green Film Making and you get one reusable bottle for each of your crew and cast members. They can be supplied with a clip to attach to a belt and people can write their names on them. The caterer should be on board for this process, because he/she will be the one washing the bottles after each shooting day and clean and refill them for the next. No tap water available on set? Not a problem. You can use the Jerry Carry, also sponsored by Join the Pipe, which is easy to move around the set and has 2-3 gallons of water on tap. The crew members refill their own bottle during the shoot.

This method is besides being cheaper, also efficient and sustainable. A very nice side effect is that this way we also reduce waste significantly. This saves money and time, in particular for the location managers. Those who collect the remaining bottles after the shoot, can return them to Join the Pipe and get a deposit back. Join the Pipe will ensure they can be reused in African schools for children who are desperate for clean water and where the environment should not be polluted with disposable bottles neither.

Meanwhile several caterers have already tested the concept and have reacted positively. Green Film Making will therefor spread this call further among other caterers hoping to get everyone enthusiastic. By summer we don’t want to see any plastic water bottles on sets anymore! So make the jump now, with the support and sponsorship of Green Film Making, Join the Pipe and the City of Amsterdam.

Join! Sign up your film- or TV production with Green Film Making by sending an email to We will be in contact as soon as possible.