At Green Film Makings Doc Talk after the film Eating Animals this coming Thursday at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, we will be joined by Dutch Director Eddy Terstall. Eddy Terstall (1964) is known for his films TransitHufters & HofdamesVox Populi, and the critically acclaimed Simon (2004) that won four Golden Calves. His latest film, Alberta (2017), was largely shot in Canada. Eddy is fundamentally opposed to the suffering of animals and industrial farming and takes this into account in his work. He is also actively involved with Dutch political party Party for the Animals for whom he made two campaign films for the 2012 parliamentary elections. In 2014 he was on the Party for the Animals ballot for the European elections.

Green Film Making hosts two Doc Talks during IDFA. Extended Q&A’s with special guests moderated by sustainability manager Els Rientjes following films with a sustainable theme that stimulate the mind and deepen our knowledge about social issues. About the film:

Eating Animals

Director: Christopher Quinn

Duration: 95 min

18:30 Brakke Grond – Red Room

Eating Animals is a complex but fascinating exploration of a habit that we just can’t get rid of. Based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer with the same name, this documentary offers a truckload of convincing arguments to reduce meat consumption and to restrict factory farming. An impressive line-up of experts shed light on the complexities of this issue, richly illustrated with historical fragments and, inevitably but necessary, sometimes shocking footage.

Besides Eddy Terstall our second guest is Esther Akkerhuis, film caterer and owner of Spek & Bonen Catering.

Esther Akkerhuis (1976) has been working in the hospitality industry since she was fifteen and has more than paid her dues. In 2008, her dream to start her own business became reality. The result is Spek & Bonen (Bacon & Beans). Besides good food, sustainability is key. Bacon & Beans use solar panels and LED lights, separate waste, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and try as much as possible to avoid disposables. They have successfully introduced Meatless Monday and Veggie Friday’s on Dutch film sets and have inspired other film caterers to do the same.