On November 23 Green Film Making will host two Doc Talks during IDFA. Extended Q&A’s with special guests moderated by sustainability manager Els Rientjes following films with a sustainable theme that stimulate the mind and deepen our knowledge about social issues. As always there will be plenty of room for questions from the audience. Without further ado, this years’ line-up:

Eating Animals

Director: Christopher Quinn

Duration: 95 min

18:30 Brakke Grond – Red Room

Eating Animals is a complex but fascinating exploration of a habit that we just can’t get rid of. Based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer with the same name, this documentary offers a truckload of convincing arguments to reduce meat consumption and to restrict factory farming. An impressive line-up of experts shed light on the complexities of this issue, richly illustrated with historical fragments and, inevitably but necessary, sometimes shocking footage.

Our guest for the Q&A is Esther Akkerhuis, film caterer and owner of Spek & Bonen Catering.

Esther Akkerhuis (1976) has been working in the hospitality industry since she was fifteen and has more than paid her dues. In 2008, her dream to start her own business became reality. The result is Spek & Bonen (Bacon & Beans). Besides good food, sustainability is key. Bacon & Beans use solar panels and LED lights, separate waste, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and try as much as possible to avoid disposables. They have successfully introduced Meatless Monday and Veggie Friday’s on Dutch film sets and have inspired other film caterers to do the same.

Let There Be Light

Director: Mila Aung-Thwin

Duration: 80 minutes

21:15 Brakke Grond – Red Room

Let There Be Light poses the question: Is nuclear fusion the energy source of the future? A portrait of a scientific dream. Beautifully shot and very well documented film that explains how nuclear fusion can be the source of energy for the future, using archival images, historical context, animations and a host of interviews with enthusiastic scientists.

The international project ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) plays a crucial role in this. In the southern French countryside, a group of dedicated scientists from 37 countries work together on the world’s most complex experiment: an artificial star on earth that has to provide everlasting, cheap, clean energy.

Our guest will be Prof. Dr. Marco de Baar, theme-leader fusion at DIFFER, Dutch Institute for Fusion Energy Research.

Prof. Dr. Marco de Baar. studied Experimental Physics in Utrecht, and graduated in Eindhoven for research into turbulent heat losses in nuclear fusion fuel. Marco has spent years in England at the world’s largest operational magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment, JET, first as “session leader” and later as head of operations. Marco has performed a number of technical, scientific and managerial roles in national and international fields in the fusion program . Since 2010 he is a full professor at the TU / e, Eindhoven University and since 2014 he is the head of nuclear fusion research at DIFFER.

After the screenings there is an opportunity to chat with our guests at the bar of the Brakke Grond.

We are very happy with these wonderful movies and special guests. Tickets are now available!