Another year has almost passed and so Green Film Making is eagerly looking forward to 2018. And especially to the previously announced Sustainable Catering workshop, which now has a date: February 20th. We are very happy with the very inspiring location for the meeting: BlueCity in Rotterdam. BlueCity serves as a breeding ground for innovative companies linking their waste-streams; the output of one is the input for the other. This makes Blue City, located in the former swimming paradise Tropicana, the best example in the Netherlands of the circular economy in practice.

Because circular means to look at systems in a holistic way, with ‘catering’ we also mean the whole catering eco-system. So not only organic / vegetarian food, recyclable tableware and drinking tap water, but also transport, waste processing and the toilet. Everything that takes place around the catering car on the set, who and what comes and goes, is a subject for discussion.

Dishwashing liquid refilling station

For this meeting we want to get several different players at the same table, to ensure that all important positions can work together for the best result. We like to invite not only caterers but also location managers, producers and suppliers to discuss and develop a new approach. Based on our preliminary research into past experiences, we will brainstorm together about problems and solutions. There will also be several case studies of successful initiatives from other sectors and a number of suppliers demonstrating their products. For example, the refilling station of Ecover detergent. Waste processor Renewi, former Icova, will do a waste separation course, because who really knows exactly what belongs in which bin?

In the last years Green Film Making has already done a number of tests on set. For example the use of tap water in collaboration with Join the Pipe earlier this year. Or waste separation with special coloured bags. But we will certainly not only discuss points that have been improved. Bad examples are also discussed, because there is things to be learned from them. Why is it still difficult to get rid of waste in an easy way? What is wrong with a veggie day?

The goal is to jointly draw up an action plan at the end of the workshop with concrete new tests on upcoming productions of which the findings will be shared with the group. We also want to make a start with a special Green Film Making ‘harvest map’, on which all sustainable suppliers and waste points in the Netherlands are presented in one place.

Register to take part in the workshop now by sending an email to And please also send your suggestions for topics and discussion points! The intention is that this meeting is to share and develop together and not just to be taught by someone. All your input is welcome. We’d love to hear from you. For now, happy holidays and a spectacular new year!

Check out this video report on Blue City (in Dutch):