Good news for gaffers who want to use an electric generator on the set of larger productions: the GreenBattery will soon also be available in medium format, with a capacity of 30-35 KVA! It’s light and easy to transport plus it fits any regular parking spot in the city center. And of course the biggest advantage on set: it’s completely silent. These latest edition GreenBatteries are being tested at different festivals this month and will soon be available to rent for productions.

The total offer of GreenBattery is now:

5 x small format (5 KVA)

2 x medium format (30-35 KVA)

8 x large format (50 KVA) (this version is heavy and so less easy to move around)

In addition to Haarlem, the GreenBattery is now also available in Amsterdam. This reduces carbon emissions on transport! Keen to rent? Please contact Han Huiskamp directly.

Greenbattery on the set of ‘Debiel’ (In-soo Productions)