In the past 6 months Green Film Making continued with consulting Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS in making its in-house productions more sustainable. Last year, Els Rientjes already worked with the teams of the shows Tussen Kunst en Kitsch and Opsporing Verzocht. This season the work was more than doubled with a larger number of productions. At the children’s department she advised the crafts and cooking show Jill and the game shows Kaal of Kammen and Zappsport. Besides that, she also consulted popular shows Opgelicht, EenVandaag and Radar. Els: ‘It is really striking to me how fundamental AVROTROS’ commitment to sustainability is. The producers and story editors are all very aware which direction the broadcaster has taken.

The entire company now drinks from ceramic cups that are washed every day and are returned to all kitchen areas, clean and in crates. Espresso cups are the latest addition, so everyone can now drink their preferred type of coffee from matching glasses and cups. For meetings or errands at the nearby Mediapark you simply book a company bike and the company canteen is sufficiently stocked with healthy choices. Els spotted more and more people using their own water bottles that are refilled with tap water. For each of the consulted productions she provided the teams with multiple tips to be worked on. They range from recommendations for more sustainable energy and transport on set to extra attention for catering on shooting days and tips for sustainable clothing for the presenters.

A great success has already been booked in the field of clothing last November. The basement of the AVROTROS building was bursting at the seems with clothing and other items that had to be kept for years for tax purposes. It was the only way to prevent these items from being considered as disguised income for presenters. But fortunately this deadlock is now resolved! If the AVROTROS can demonstrate that these purchases are not secondary income, permission has been granted to dispose of the used items. The producers immediately organised an internal sale of used clothing and props in December. The proceeds go to a charity. Recycling is now a known victory and a big congrats to all producers who initiated and organised this action!

In the past year a lot of progress has already been made in terms of ​​sustainability at the AVROTROS and it certainly does not stop here. At the new round of invitations to tender for facilities where companies pitch to various productions, special attention is now paid to the sustainability of the offer. The producers are clearly open to a more sustainable approach. It certainly helped that we, as Green Film Making, were able to demonstrate that such changes also lead to greater efficiency and a reduced budget. What’s not to like?

In addition to the ceramic cups and company bicycles, AVROTROS is already working on an even cleaner printing policy and taking further steps in the field of waste separation. Who knows what will be done next year at a government level to support this positive trend with this broadcaster. We are very pleased that AVROTROS has already invited Green Film Making for 2019 to provide the broadcasts of the Prinsengracht Concert and Oerol Festival with consultancy. We are proud to contribute to these major productions.