Slowly but surely the range of alternatives for the diesel generator is growing. Especially the silence of an electrical unit suits a set on location really well. In addition to the True Hybrid, GreenBattery, Wattsun and Greener, that are already known in our sector, The Green Generator and Volta Naos are being used in the construction and event sectors. With its maximum 10 kVA, the Volta would fit well on a smaller set and the Green Generator provides the necessary certainty and power for a larger production with fewer movements. Green Film Making visited The Green Generator’s home base just outside of Amsterdam. And location manager Ralf Wentink is investigating the possibilities for using the Volta for the production of an English mini-series to be shot on Dutch soil.

The Green Generator

There are already 89 units of The Green Generator, a hybrid off-grid power solution, available for rent. But only a few are left on site in Zuidoostbeemster. Sales director Johan de Leeuw says that most units are usually rented out, especially at construction sites. Also here they are very popular because of their silence, which is ideal for use in residential neighbourhoods. The unit has also been used for festivals and concerts such as Lowlands, Mysteryland and for a classical concert on the beach.

There are two versions for rent, a 30 kVA hybrid with a 45 kVA generator and a 45 kVA hybrid with a 66 kVA generator. Power comes from the battery pack (with a storage of 60kW) combined with solar panels and is, if necessary, re-charged by the built-in generator. Units for sale range from 5 kVA to 200 kVA, with a built-in generator that runs on HVO biodiesel. A possibility for the rental units to also run on biodiesel is being developed as we speak. With an app you can remotely monitor a units capacity and you can preset a silent phase, for which the unit ensures that it is recharged on time.

The generator is quite large (10ft) and with its 4.5 tonnes less suitable for smaller production with many movements. Rental is because of its heftiness on a weekly basis (800 euros for the 45 kVA excl. transport). But for a large production at a single location, it offers double security; no need for a backup generator and the unit can be securely locked and remain on site. On Green Film Making’s recommendation, broadcaster AVROTROS is now looking into using the Green Generator for its live broadcast of the Prinsengracht concert.

The Volta Naos

Location manager Ralf Wentink is already happy to use the 28 kVA True Hybrid generator van from Het Licht as a more sustainable option whenever possible. Recently, at a few big shooting days of the film Baantjer – The Beginning with no less than 120 extras, the van was able to power various facilities; catering, 8 make-up artists and several different tents for costumes and extras. But to supply an entire set with power, additional applications are needed and by searching online Ralf came across the Volta Noas.

Volta Energy developed this generator system that consists of 3 modules: a battery, an inverter and solar panels. The system delivers 2 kVA as standard, expandable to 10 kVA. What’s good to mention is that the batteries can be recycled for more than 98%. The whole system can easily be lifted with 1 or 2 people and fits in the back of a car. The standard version is rented out for 89 euros per day.


Power: 2000W 230v continuous, peaks up to 4000W 230v

Storage capacity: 3000Wh

Generating power: 600W

Sound (at 10 meters): 5dB

Ralf and the Volta team will soon be looking into the possibilities for a first test on the film set. But first he wants to measure how much is actually being used. Ideally, the Volta will be used this month for the production of an English mini-series, a follow-up to the popular 1970s detective Van Der Valk, produced by All3Media International. In total, the series consists of 3 episodes of 20 shooting days each. “But I want to be sure that the system can handle the demand of a set,” said Ralf. To be continued, read in an upcoming newsletter how the test with the Volta went.

You can find more information about The Green Generator or the Volta Naos system on these websites:

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