The Wattsun, a portable, plug and play power supply, is now for rent through Locatiewerk and Het Licht. Location manager Rob IJpelaar has already tested this battery system shortly on the set of Talpa’s Meisje van Plezier. There was a shoot at Schiphol airport, where the space was limited and a lot of care had to be taken with the surroundings. The little Wattsun worked perfectly for the lighting in the clothes and makeup van.

Only the base unit (Dock) was needed, which could last 16 hours without recharging. Perfect for a whole shooting day. With its 1200W, it does not have the capacity to also connect hairdryers and other devices, but the Wattsun is ideal for certain applications. Think for example about a remote fill light on a larger set or battery recharging. A nice addition for the film set to have portable power available at any desired location! Read our more extensive article about the Wattsun here (IN DUTCH).