We are doing well with refilling water bottles on the set! Since the tap water pilot in 2017 in collaboration with Join The Pipe, we are increasingly seeing productions opt for refillable water bottles instead of disposable plastic. This is in line with the general trend in the Netherlands; a recent study by SodaStream found that 72% of Dutch people plan to use less disposable plastic by 2020. That’s more than trying to quit smoking!

What definitely helps is that there are now more than 1500 free public water taps in the Netherlands! And they have all been voluntarily mapped by racing cyclist Leon van Diepen who also likes to refill on the road: Drinkwaterkaart. An additional 381 tap water locations are being offered by entrepreneurs participating in the Publiek Water project. You can also join as a company! Running on empty in Tokyo? Many public taps are also available abroad, check out the Refill and Closca apps. The Refill Ambassadors have made a great overview of all worldwide possibilities.

Need the loo after drinking all that water? Then install the Hoge Nood app and find the nearest toilet in The Netherlands. Then you can refill your bottle again at the washbasin. Nicely circular!