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Best practices

We often come across good ideas and experiences with sustainability from professionals in the field that can also be useful to others. In this ‘Best practices’ section we present a collection of these first hand experiences from home and abroad. To inspire or for adoption. If you have a green hack or story from set that could fit here, please let us know!

That’s how you do it: Americans produce sustainably on Dutch soil

It has been busy the last months in and around Amsterdam with plenty of shooting days for two different American feature films. NL Film is co-producer of Lyrebird, about the Dutch master forger Han van Meegeren, directed by Dan Friedkin. Kaap Holland Film, previously responsible for the shooting of Nolan’s Dunkirk, now co-produces The Goldfinch by […]

Hybrid generator by Het Licht in use

Combination of sustainable lighting and efficiency is an instant hit. The True Hybrid, the hybrid generator developed by Het Licht, with an output of 28KVA, has been used on many different productions since the pilot on the set of Moordvrouw in November 2016. The sustainable generator van is easier to use, silent and more fuel efficient than regular generators.