FILMMORE, a post production company based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, presents an innovative app for the iPad that allows post-production processes to be a lot easier, efficient and more sustainable. The innovative ‘FILMMORE Dailies App’ (get the app here, or check the video we made on it) allows for the editing and sharing of ‘dailies’ among crew, in a very easy and process efficient way. In effect, the app supports a more sustainable post-production workflow as it streamlines the dailies while saving time, energy, transport, and budget. We’re convinced.

Hans van Helden, Managing Director of FILMMORE explains some of the app’s many benefits: “The FILMMORE Dailies App is an iPad app that allows us to efficiently stream our dailies to the iPad of our clients. It is very secure: only people that are pointed out by the producer, are able to see it. In addition, it is very flexible in what you see in your image. We only create one version of the image, and you can choose what you see. You can resize the image easily, edit, adjust the color grading, and then share the images with the director of photography and director. The other thing is that you can actually annotate: you can draw on an image, write notes, and everybody that is attached to a project will be able to see the other person’s notes. You can then export that via e-mail and send it also to people who are not seeing the dailies. The other feature is the colour grading option, a DP can change something to a look that he likes, export that through email, and send a still, so that you can see in one image what he means. And in the meantime there is a digital recording with the exact information of what he did. Then he can send that to the lab or to the editor, so that they can apply the same specifics to all the of dailies, or to the edit”.

This is great news for green filmmakers! Why? The FILMMORE Dailies app helps to create a more sustainable post-production work process, as it eliminates the need for multiple versions of the dailies to be created. In addition, the digital nature of the FILMMORE Dailies app also eliminates the need to courier and deliver (saving budget and gas!). People with the application can instead work from a live-streamed and evolving digital copy that is accessible via the app.

The FILMMORE Dailies app makes the post-production workflow more process, and resource efficient. The innovative artistic possibilities it provides, sound super cool too. We can’t wait to try it, and see what new opportunities arise from taking the film industry into the future. Go green in your post production, and get the app here, or check this video we made on it here.

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