The BBC always has something fresh to share and this time, its green filmmaking! The BBC’s  Radio4 segment on green filmmaking emits that: “Single-use sets, huge crews, and jet set promotional tours all leave outsized carbon footprints. As a result, companies are springing up to help studios reduce their environmental impact”. Listen to interviews with green filmmaking experts from BAFTA , Earth Angel, Scenery Salvage, & Greenshoot, to get the fresh air on green filmmaking, direct from the sources that matter. [photo:BBC]

You can listen to the BBC’s informative radio segment on green filmmaking here ( from 10:25-17:25).

In the segment, Tim Williams of Scenery Salvage talks the business of recycling single-use film sets, while production designer Anthony Neil explains how green filmmaking helps him, “to be ambitious with even quite small budgets”. BAFTA’s Industry Sustainability Coordinator, Aaron Matthews is also interviewed, speaking on the greening of the industry and the importance of environmental stewards on-set: “with the cost of landfill now going up, we actually work out cheaper, but we are also very green, so we meet [the studios’] corporate-responsibility as well”.

Hollywood Eco-Supervisor and Earth Angel Founder, Emellie O’Brien, also shares her experiences on blockbuster sets and explains why green filmmaking should matter to all production professionals, “this industry is one of the most influential in our society […] if we start to implement sustainability in our practices, that will inherently start to seep into our culture as a whole.”

Absolutely. Not to mention the added benefits of a market competitiveness, adaptability, and industry resilience that innovative sustainable production approaches can foster for media industries!

Maybe next on the BBC, a full radio show dedicated to green filmmaking success stories that are taking the film industry into the future? Yes please!

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