Two recent studies (one from the Netherlands, and one from the US), show that sustainable approaches to business and filmmaking do save big money. Saving green for your production, by going green is no longer a myth! In her Dutch KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Winning Thesis (PDF), Sophie Gaarenstroom (Erasmus University), examined 257 Dutch companies and found: “that companies with sustainability policies, outperform competitors without this policy […] An examination shows that sustainable business ultimately leads to reduced costs, improved product quality, better customer service, and a higher valuation by customers” (translated from

From Hollywood in the USA, a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of sustainable filmmaking has been published: Going Green by Saving Green. The report was sponsored by powerhouse PGA Green, and its message is made crystal clear, “sustainable filmmaking is not only effective, but cost efficient[…] the results have shown a consistent net savings of thousands of dollars even after subtracting the cost of labor.” Want to know how production savings of $47,215 were made through a diversion of waste hauling alone? More on the report (real numbers, real proof!) and all of its valuable details here.

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