Attention, attention! An important step has been taken in the transition to a fair and green film industry: The Netherlands Film Fund is looking for a Sustainability Manager. A development that our Green Film Making Project team is super proud of. While collaborating with the Netherlands Film Fund, one of the partners of our Green Film Making Project, it became clear there is a need for practical support in the field of green filmmaking. This is one of the reasons why the Fund decided to make a two-year pilot for an on-set Sustainability Manager possible. Are you ready to take the Dutch film industry into the future? Read more about the call (in Dutch) here and apply as fast as you can. Good luck!

About the Green Film Making Project

In 2012 Strawberry Earth initiated the Green Film Making Project. This project challenges Dutch film professionals to make production processes more sustainable on all levels. We collaborate with production companies, sustainable entrepreneurs, leading institutes in the film sector, key broadcasters and the two chief academies in the Dutch audio-visual industry. We wrote down our learnings in the first Dutch Sustainable Film Production Guide, entitled ‘How to Green your Film Production (so far)’ that you can read over here.

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