The judges have evaluated the final work of the 11 participating teams in the Green Film Making Competition for European Students (65 students from the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands!), and they have come to a unanimous decision on the top 3 teams. The exact order of the 3rd (€ 1,000), 2nd (€ 1,500) and 1st (€ 2,500) prize title of “Green Filmmakers of the Year” however, will be announced at The Netherlands Film Festival on October 2, 2014. So, you will have to wait a little bit longer for that announcement! Curious about the competition’s outcomes, evaluation process, and – most importantly- which 3 student teams came out on top of the inaugural Green Filmmaking Student Competition?!

Outcomes, and the exact order of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners will be announced at the Netherlands Film Festival (October 2nd) where we’ll host an event about the latest in green filmmaking.

The initial task of this competition was to come up with innovative, sustainable solutions for existing film production activities such as: art direction, technology, transportation, production office, lighting, etc.

Student teams submitted along with their final films, written documentation on their sustainable approach and findings, as they were challenged to find new solutions to make film production processes more sustainable. A few of the teams also submitted videos that documented their process and on-set experiences – some budding documentary filmmakers in the mix!

Overall, the jury was very pleased with the level of motivation and ambition of all the participants, and congratulates each student team, as they all tackled the subject matter & research in their own unique way.

The jury has since evaluated each team’s documented process alongside their results, in order to announce the top 3 teams of the inaugural Green Filmmaking Competition for Students 2014. Drrrrrrrrrrrum roll please…

The top 3 teams of the 2014 Green Filmmaking Competition for European Students are:

  • Filmbase (Ireland)
  • The Green Package, students of the Utrecht School of Arts (The Netherlands)
  • Student team of Christopher Taylor, from Grand Independent/Staffordshire University London (England)

But, not so fast! The exact order of which team will win the 3rd (€ 1,000), 2nd (€ 1,500) and 1st prize (€ 2,500), will be announced at the Dutch Film Festival, on October 2, 2014. So, stay tuned for that!

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