Back in the summer of 2013, the Green Film Making Project developed and published the first sustainable production guide for the Dutch film industry: How to Green Your Film Production (so far). Created in collaboration with professional working filmmakers, and participants of the Green Film Making Project, the guide was developed to assist filmmakers and other audiovisual professionals who wanted to be more sustainable with the production of their films, commercials, and music videos. At this point (and almost one year after the original publication!) the guide has been published in a new, improved, updated and reprinted version.

Download the 2014 reprint of the How to Green Your Film Production (so far) guide here.

The overarching theme and message of the new guide remains the same as the older one, and is still completely relevant: the shift to green filmmaking within the Dutch film industry is a process that is not only defined by incorporating environmental awareness, but also through the harnessing of innovation, and more efficient work methods. The ‘so far’ part of the guide’s title, is still in full force as well, as sustainable development within the Dutch film industry is an ongoing process; fueled by evolving best practices, increasing professional experiences, and ongoing critical moments.

GFMP project leader Chai Locher asserts that while the older version of the guide is still relevant, it does not include inputs on the more recent progress made regarding sustainable film production. To add to that, the number of experienced production professionals working in greener ways has also dramatically increased. Producer Gijs Kerbosch, and Eco Manager Lynn Koppen of 100% Halal Productions are just one example. In the past year, on-set of  their short film Malaguti Phantom, they have been able to experiment with having a designated production sustainability manager. Their story and process is included in the new version of the How to Green Your Film Production (so far) guide, and such current examples can work to more efficiently inspire the new generation of sustainable filmmakers.

In addition, the guide contains some of it’s original elements such as: useful tips for developing more sustainable work methods at all levels of production, as well as inspiring interviews with working green film production professionals, and sustainability experts.

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