Since its inception three years ago, our Green Film Making Project has been initiating the development, and spread of knowledge related to more sustainable production practices. As a result of this project, Dutch film professionals have grown to see the importance and benefit of sustainable film production – green filmmaking has truly ‘landed’ within the Dutch industry. Moving forward into 2015, The Green Film Making Project will continue forth in a new form. As of Jan. 1st 2015, the Netherlands Film Fund (one of the partners of The Green Film Making Project) will be facilitating the first official Sustainability Manager for the Dutch film industry: Els Rientjes. It is Rientjes who will carry the green filmmaking ‘baton’ forward in 2015, as she develops and supports a structural framework through which the whole of the industry, can produce more sustainably. And we are extremely proud of this development!

For the past three years, we have worked extensively on sharing our sustainable solutions and knowledge within the film industry. We have invited national and international experts from a variety of innovative businesses, to come and share their stories with the production professionals. Alongside producers, we have looked for specific solutions and ways to reduce carbon emissions in film production, from within the Dutch context. We have shared our findings, and pool of knowledge through a series of workshops, seminars, social media channels, websites, news letters, and in the national media. Our cumulative knowledge has even been compiled for future green filmmakers, and is accessible via the first Dutch sustainable film production guide: ‘How to Green Your Film Production (so far).

From the beginning, our goal for the project has been to harness the production industry’s creative capacities, innovative thinking, and array of entrepreneurial sensibilities, in order to create a space for thinking about new ways of working sustainably. Why? Because we believe that the film industry’s high visibility and socially influential nature, render it well responsible to exercise leadership; especially in addressing the great (ecological) challenges of our time.

It is only through working closely with a diverse group of people from the film industry, and sustainably innovative external sectors, that we have been able to drive closer towards achieving our goal. If you are receiving this letter, it is because you are one of those people who has helped us out along the way. Some of you gave us a little push at just the right time, and some of you gave us a bigger push towards detailed inquiries and inspiring moments of great achievement. It is thanks to your effort, and our efforts collectively, that the film industry has moved closer towards sustainability. Credit for the success of The Green Film Making Project also goes to you, and we want to thank you for all of your continued support.

In the coming years, Els Rientjes is committed to continuing the work that was started by The Green Film Making Project, in her new role as the Dutch industry’s first Sustainability Manager. Her years of applicable experience as both a producer of films and television programs, will most certainly guide her towards success. It is with great pleasure and full confidence, that we pass the project’s baton onto her.

Some members of The Green Film Making Project’s current team will continue supporting the project, while others have established new ventures. Wiendelt Hooijer will focus on his new role as teacher and coordinator of Audio-visual Media at The Utrecht University for the Arts (HKU), where he has become more specialized in education and technical innovation. Chai Locher will continue with his work as a consultant at the Institute for Human & Organizational Development, where he specializes in sustainable entrepreneurship, leadership development, and the possibilities that lie in bringing one’s ideals into the foreground of their work. Staying on board however, Strawberry Earth (the initiator of The Green Film Making Project) will continue to support new developments and progress in the field of green filmmaking. All other project members will also continue to support green filmmaking progress primarily through our communication outlets (Mette, Dagmar, Pia & Esther), and possibly through the facilitation of further events in the new year (Dorien & Marjolein).

Over the past three years, The Green Film Making Project has come an incredibly long way. And, we have enjoyed every meeting we were able to facilitate, and participate in; from Amsterdam and Utrecht, Mexico to Cannes! Working within the realm of sustainable innovation has been such an inspiring and energizing experience for us, and for this, we are truly grateful. In short, the past three years have been amazing!

With immeasurable thanks and regards,

Chai Locher, Project Leader (

Wiendelt Hooijer, Project Manager (
Mette te Velde, Director of Strawberry Earth (
Esther Verwijs, Head of Communications & PR (
Dorien Grötzinger, Event Producer (
Dagmar Holtman, Copywriter (
Marjolein Sprenger, Event Producer (
Pia Perez, International Research & Communications (


[Photo: Michael Vervuurt Standing f.l.t.r: Thomas Sykora (video producer), Esther Verwijs (head of communications), Dorien Grötzinger (event producer), Chai Locher (project leader), Wiendelt Hooijer (project coordinator), Mette te Velde (director  of Strawberry Earth), Simone Weimans (event presenter) Sitting f.l.t.r: Marjolein Sprenger (event editor), Thekla Reuten (ambassador GFMP), Dagmar Holtman (copywriter) Not pictured: Pia Perez (international research and copywriter), Gabriel Bauer (video team)]

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