About the Green Film Making Competition

The Green Film Making Competition is an initiative that challenges filmmakers to rethink their production processes. So far there have been three editions of the competition in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In the first two editions Dutch professional filmmakers participated.

2014 – Green Film Making Competition for European students

In the third edition of the Green Film Making Competition we worked together with European students. With this student edition of our Green Film Making Competition, we encourage young filmmakers across Europe to produce their films as sustainably as possible, while coming up with new and innovative sustainable solutions for on-set: lighting, art departments, transportation, energy consumption, craft services, and over all production process.

Should you change you habits?

In almost every industry, established professionals are urgently being asked to redesign their way of working. From the car industry, to the construction industry, the food chain, and even the design and fashion industry, professionals are re-thinking their production processes. Why? Because fossil fuel intensive processes no longer make sense. They are bad for business, and the environment.