About the Green Film Making Competition 2013

In 2013 we hosted the second edition of the Green Film Making Competition, our program to stimulate filmmakers to produce their films as sustainably as possible. This edition was embedded into the biggest short film development program in The Netherlands: KORT! (SHORT!). In this program ten short films are produced each year. In 2013 the participants automatically joined in a competition to produce their short as sustainable as possible, winning the honorary title “Green filmmaker of the year 2013”.

The Netherlands Film Fund, public broadcaster NTR, the Mediafonds and the CoBO Fund facilitate the production of these short fiction films. The collaboration of the Green Film Making Project with the organizations behind the SHORT!-program signifies a larger industry commitment to making the industry greener and adapting to more environmentally sustainable alternatives.


During the competition all participants chose to cooperate instead of compete with each other. The Green Film Making Project facilitated between participants and jury. The participants came up with a plan for the price money: a campaign to help the whole industry move forward.
The participants jointly helped the Green Film Making Project with the production of the first green filmmaking guide.

Participants 2013

Jury 2013

The jury of the Green Film Making Project 2013 represented a well balanced mix of sustainable entrepreneurs and professionals who work in the field of filmmaking.

Thekla Reuten (chairwoman of the jury and ambassador of the Green Film Making Project)

Paul Vetter (Ministery of Economic Affairs)

Jeroen Jansen, (ASN Bank)

Renée van der Grinten (The Netherlands Film Fund)

Ynzo van Zanten (sustainable multi-entrepeneur)

Carlijn Lindemulder (head of sustainability, ID&T)

Trent (producer NFI, Green Film Maker of the Year 2012)