About the Green Film Making Competition 2012

Competition 2012

In 2012 we hosted the first edition of our Green Film Making Competition, a competition that stimulates filmmakers to produce their films as sustainably as possible.
Out of 50 proposals 6 finalists were chosen by the jury. These finalists were challenged to ‘produce the best short film, as sustainable as possible’. In 6 months, in a carefully designed process with training, coaching and intervision moments, the finalists worked out a green production. After a thrilling pitch of the results in front of the critical expertise of the jury, Trent of NFI Productions was awarded the first ‘Green Filmmaker of the Year’. He won this title with his short film “Leven” (Dutch for ‘Live’), directed by Anielle Webster. Along with the title came the grand prize of €20.000, provided by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Green filmmaker of the year 2012

Trent was rewarded the title of ‘Green filmmaker of the year’ due to the fact that the competition jury felt he fully embraced sustainability within his production practices: “After an initial ‘progress meeting’ some of us thought that sustainable film making would remain concerned only with using the proverbial bicycle for transport and eating organic sandwiches on set. But now it has become clear that the competition has brought forth pioneers, like Trent, who have developed and utilized concrete steps towards the greening of their practice in many diverse ways. And these people are determined to continue with this.”

Based on his experience and success in the past competition, Trent is able to share his accumulated knowledge with our 2013 competitors, through reoccurring advisory meetings and availability for constructive feedback. He has found out how his new approach is helping him in his production work every day.

Jury 2012

  • Thekla Reuten (chairwoman of the jury and ambassador of the Green Film Making Project)
  • Paul Vetter (Ministery of Economic Affairs)
  • Aart van Veller (Wij Zijn Koel)
  • Esmé Lammers (film director)
  • Ido Abram (Director of PR and Communication EYE)
  • Jeroen Jansen, (ASN Bank)
  • Klaas van den Berg (PWC)
  • Louise Vet (prof. Evolutionary Ecology at Wageningen University and director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO))
  • Renée van der Grinten (The Netherlands Film Fund)