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Focus on Green Film Shooting : Birgit Heidsiek

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, German initiative Green Film Shooting organized the second edition of a sustainability panel at the Italian Pavilion in the luxurious Hotel Majestic. Co-hosted by the Cine-Regio Green Subgroup, it brought together a group of sustainability front runners from all over the world. A good opportunity for Green Film Making to catch up with Green Film Shooting’s Birgit Heidsiek, and ask her about the results in Cannes and the current situation of sustainable production on her own turf: Germany.

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New Green Film Making campaign and workshop at AV Festival

On 23rd and 24th of May Green Film Making will be present at the AV Festival in de Kromhouthal in Amsterdam with two seminars and a booth. This is the perfect moment for us to launch our new campaign! The campaign is made by a team headed by director Gabriel Bauer and photographer Betul Ellialtioglu and consists of four pictures that represent the main action points of Green Film Making: catering, transport, art department and energy. In the run-up to the festival we will publish the images one by one through our newsletter and social media. At the festival you can see the complete campaign. Come see us at AV Festival 2017!

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Focus on albert (UK) – Jeremy Mathieu

Photo by Annie East

Jeremy Mathieu, International Manager of albert, the UK’s think-tank on sustainability in film and television, was recently in the Netherlands for a second training at NTR. The Dutch broadcaster has acquired the license for this British initiative to implement as the sustainability standard for their productions. It could be argued that albert, governed by the BAFTA albert Consortium, is the most established and developed program for sustainability in the audiovisual industry in Europe. Jeremy, originally from France but in the UK for over 15 years, divides his time between albert and his other job as sustainability advisor for the BBC. We catch up with him to get more insight in the possibilities of widespread implementation of the program and the context of the UK industry compared to the Dutch. He is clearly very driven and becomes increasingly enthusiastic when speaking about the vision and possibilities of albert. And it’s easy to see why.

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Focus on VAFs ‘e-Mission’ – Tim Wagendorp

After our report on our French colleagues at Ecoprod last month, we got curious to look across the border more often to see what our different neighbors are up to. This month: the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and their e-Mission program. We reported on their groundbreaking initiative in the past when it was still in its infancy. These days they are many steps ahead and still with the frontrunners in Europe in terms of sustainability.

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New green missions in France: Waste, Post-production and eco-bonus in funding

After our first profile in 2013 on French partner in green production Ecoprod, we are catching up with them at the beginning of the year to see what they have on the agenda. Green Film Making spoke with Joanna Gallardo, the new director of the Ile De France Film commission as well as the international delegate for Ecoprod. Already 8 years in existence, the consortium is comprised of several stakeholders who all contribute to the Ecoprod initiative equally through sharing tasks as well as financially. read more…