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Save the date: Workshop Sustainable Catering

Another year has almost passed and so Green Film Making is eagerly looking forward to 2018. And especially to the previously announced Sustainable Catering workshop, which now has a date: February 20th. We are very happy with the very inspiring location for the meeting: BlueCity in Rotterdam. BlueCity serves as a breeding ground for innovative companies linking their waste-streams; the output of one is the input for the other. This makes Blue City, located in the former swimming paradise Tropicana, the best example in the Netherlands of the circular economy in practice.

Because circular means to look at systems in a holistic way, with ‘catering’ we also mean the whole catering eco-system. So not only organic / vegetarian food, recyclable tableware and drinking tap water, but also transport, waste processing and the toilet. Everything that takes place around the catering car on the set, who and what comes and goes, is a subject for discussion.

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Director Eddy Terstall joins IDFA Doc Talk

At Green Film Makings Doc Talk after the film Eating Animals this coming Thursday at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, we will be joined by Dutch Director Eddy Terstall. Eddy Terstall (1964) is known for his films TransitHufters & HofdamesVox Populi, and the critically acclaimed Simon (2004) that won four Golden Calves. His latest film, Alberta (2017), was largely shot in Canada. Eddy is fundamentally opposed to the suffering of animals and industrial farming and takes this into account in his work. He is also actively involved with Dutch political party Party for the Animals for whom he made two campaign films for the 2012 parliamentary elections. In 2014 he was on the Party for the Animals ballot for the European elections.

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Green Film Making @ IDFA 2017

On November 23 Green Film Making will host two Doc Talks during IDFA. Extended Q&A’s with special guests moderated by sustainability manager Els Rientjes following films with a sustainable theme that stimulate the mind and deepen our knowledge about social issues. As always there will be plenty of room for questions from the audience. Without further ado, this years’ line-up:

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Energy on American sets

While Trump is pushing the brakes on the Paris Climate Agreement, the train of the big players in the US movie industry towards a sustainable approach has gathered so much speed it can’t be stopped. This month, we’re browsing around to see what the Americans are doing on set in the field of ‘green’ and especially energy consumption.

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GFM at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

During the last days of the Netherlands Film Festival Els Rientjes of Green Film Making travelled south. Unfortunately there was no special attention for sustainability at the NFF this year. The attempt to again attract attention for sustainable production with a special activity failed just before the start of the festival.

That’s why Green Film Making gladly accepted the invitation to give a lecture at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. From all over the world, show runners, advertising agencies and commissioners of educational and corporate films came to Cannes to receive their awards. More than 1000 entries had been received by the jury.

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Focus on Green Film Shooting : Birgit Heidsiek

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, German initiative Green Film Shooting organized the second edition of a sustainability panel at the Italian Pavilion in the luxurious Hotel Majestic. Co-hosted by the Cine-Regio Green Subgroup, it brought together a group of sustainability front runners from all over the world. A good opportunity for Green Film Making to catch up with Green Film Shooting’s Birgit Heidsiek, and ask her about the results in Cannes and the current situation of sustainable production on her own turf: Germany.

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