Sustainably minded filmmakers already know that paper on-set is unnecessary and harmful to the environment, and they have been finding ways of using digital platforms to eliminate the need for production print-outs. Enter ‘Dramatify’: the practical production tool that saves you money, time, and resources. This Swedish start-up had it’s international launch at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and now allows productions to push the ‘paperless’ idea even further. As a user-friendly online application, ‘Dramatify’ streamlines all production communications and administrations via mobile, tablet and browsers devices. This approach not only saves on paper and administration costs, but workflow throughout the entire production can also become more efficient: important information can be shared, accessed, and edited in real-time, from one place. Want to know more about how ‘Dramatify’ can improve your set? Read more about how it works to save budget $$$ and production resources here:

‘Dramatify’ was presented to the international film industry during this year’s Cannes International Film Festival . Creator Annika Lidne was present to introduce the ‘Dramatify’ website: a fully responsive site, that is accessible via tablet, computer, and smartphone. This tool allows crew members to stay up-to-date on relevant news, or the state of affairs during production. Through this platform, pertinent production information can be easily be exchanged, at any given moment, in a multitude of directions.

A few of the new and more specific on-set possibilities provided by ‘Dramatify’ are:

– creating, editing and sharing storyboards
– digital script editing , and distribution
– online sharing of different call sheets for different crews
– communication platforms via a messenger board, and newsfeeds; managing and connecting multiple crew members
via the app, and in real time
– sharing updated location information including maps, and local forecasts
– audio/visual document and file sharing
– centralizing production staff contact information, with the ability to email , text or call directly
– offline working possibilities

‘Dramatify’ is now available online as a beta version and is open for free-of-charge use, through to the end of this year. Past that point, productions will be charged a service fee based on the size of their crew, and scale of production.

Want to know more about how it all works? Check out the online tour of ‘Dramatify’ in Prezi.

The Green Filmmaking Project is curious about your practical experiences with this service. Are you a film / TV / video production preparing to go digital, or have you already worked with ‘Dramatify’? We’d love to hear about your experiences, and how you like to work completely digital!

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