Have you checked out this month’s issue of SEE NL? On page 38, you’ll find an article on green film shooting featuring the Green Film Making Project‘s project leader, Chai Locher. In the same section Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund (one of the partners of the Green Film Making Project), outlines the fund’s commitment to green filmmaking, and explains how exactly it is taking over within the Netherlands. This autumn, the Film Fund is hiring an in-house sustainability manager, who will assist with sustainable practice on their Dutch film sets; holding much greater implications for the greening of the industry at large.

This recent step by the NFF to hire a sustainability manager, marks a significant development for the progress of green filmmaking within the Netherlands. The GFMP’s initial bottom-up approach to green filmmaking, is now transitioning to a more top-down approach made possible via the NFF’s commitment. And Chai welcomes such active improvements: “It’s not just us in a corner of the industry acting as a nuisance any more”.

Green film producer Gijs Kerbosch (100% Halal productions), is also featured in the article and explains why the ‘bottom-up’ approach used by the GFMP has been so successful within the Dutch film industry, thus far. Kerbosch’s team hired an eco manager for the production of their KORT! short film in order to help make the set greener, while coming up with new sustainable solutions. Improvements for this set included: locating the production entirely within Amsterdam, choosing digital over film as a recording medium, and offering extra support to crew that arrived to set via foot, bike or tram.

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SEE NL, is a joint publication produced by both the Dutch Film Fund, and the EYE Film Institute. This English magazine is published quarterly, and aims to internationally promote the Dutch film industry along with it’s filmmakers. This most recent publication of ‘SEE NL’, is a special edition which focuses entirely on the upcoming Dutch Film Festival.

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