On October 2nd, during the 2014 Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), the Green Film Making Project is once again, hosting a masterclass – “Green filmmaking: the Future of Producing”. And … the programme has been finalized! For this event, international on-set Sustainability Managers and Dutch sustainability pioneers will be present alongside us, to share their visions on the future of filmmaking. Get all the details and find out which international key players will be there. 

Join us for this masterclass, during what is sure to be an engaging, and lucrative afternoon. The formal event will be followed by an informal drink, where we are inviting all of those present to make a toast to the future of filmmaking. The masterclass will be moderated by Simone Weimans (NOS News, NL).

Practical information

Masterclass ‘Green filmmaking: the future of producing’
Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014
Location: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht (Pandora hall)
Time: 13:30 to 17:00 hours (+ drinks)
Audience: film professionals and students
Admission: free


Send an e-mail to rsvp@strawberryearth.com (with ‘NFF 2014’ in the subject line). There is a limited amount of seats available for the masterclass, so please RSVP if you would like to attend.

Keynote & Speakers

Emellie O’Brien ( Earth Angel, NYC) –  Hollywood based Emellie O’Brien, is keynote speaker of the masterclass. Emellie is a working expert in the field of on-set sustainability, who will be joining us from NYC. She is also the founder of Earth Angel, a successful company that provides sustainable solutions to film and television sets. As an on-set Sustainability Manager, she is responsible for the greening of blockbusters such as ‘The Amazing Spider -Man II’ ( Sony Pictures Entertainment , 2014 ) and ‘Noah’  (Paramount Pictures, 2014). Emellie also recently authored PGA Green’s groundbreaking report ‘Going Green by Saving Green. The report’s message is crystal clear: “sustainable filmmaking is not only effective, but cost efficient[…] the results have shown a consistent net savings of thousands of dollars even after subtracting the cost of labour.”

Thekla Reuten  (Actress, NL) – Actress Thekla Reuten, ambassador of the Green Filmmaking Project, will open the masterclass by announcing of the winners of this year’s Green Filmmaking Competition for European Students.

The Green Filmmaking Project – We will present an overview of our progress and findings this year, as well as a second edition print of the ‘How to Green your Film Production (so Far)’ guide; the first green filmmaking guide specifically for the Dutch industry.


This year’s master class will also give those in the audience a chance to actively participate in the exchange. We will host open discussions on the current opportunities and resources available to your set, in order to shed light on the ways that innovation can assist in the production of greener films. Workshops will be led by international green filmmaking experts and current practitioners in the field, as well as our own local sustainable film industry pioneers.

The workshops and the workshop facilitators are:

  • ‘How To Green an American Blockbuster’ – Emellie O’Brien (eco-manager, Earth Angel, USA) –  on the practice of sustainable production on-set
  • ‘Producing sustainable is to create win-win opportunities. Where to start?’ – Architect Jan Jongert (Superuse Studios, NL)- on finding new sustainable & innovative paths for film production (workshop is in Dutch)
  • ‘Pioneering into green filmmaking in the Netherlands’ – Gijs Kerbosch (producer at 100% Halal, NL) and Lynn Koppen (eco manager at 100% Halal, NL) –  sharing their current experiences regarding sustainable production within the Netherlands (workshop is in Dutch)
  • ‘Green Product Placement’ – Beth Bell (CEO, Green Product Placement, United States) –  providing insight into the sustainable possibilities of a production’s art department
  • ‘The Benefits of Producing with a Conscience’ – Nick Francis (Casual Films, UK) –  discussing the benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms for film producers

Impressions from last year

During the NFF 2013 last year, the Green Film Making Project hosted a ‘Sustainable Session’ to a full and packed house. Check out our video report of this successful gathering for an impression of what you can expect from last year.

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